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Engaging Your Workforce in ISO 45001

As leading health and safety consultants we fully understand the challenge of gaining management and worker ownership of a health and safety management system. That's why we developed this brilliant platform that through engagement of management and workers, enables coaching, mentoring and monitoring of the implementation and maintenance of your health and safety management system, with active participation, and oh, some fun along the way.

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All Videos.

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Gameboard shown in video is in English language. Language specific games are supplied in the language stated.

Latest Update

Version 1.1.0

At any time during the game, the question card, relevant to a playing piece can be viewed by right clicking the piece. Therefore you can always check that element of ISO 45001 that either has, or has not been complied with, by a right click of the piece.

Try before you buy...

Click below for a free demo - (Open in Chrome)

Download the user guide for functionality and ideas. The demo should be opened in Chrome. Purchased versions are standalone exe files and are not browser specific.


Just £249 + VAT

Lifetime single user download license

This great platform is now available as a standalone download zip file, for a single upload to your PC or company network. There is no limit to how many people can consecutively access the platform, but each user will share the same game. Buying this license allows a single upload.

Great value £879 + VAT

Lifetime unlimited download license

This fabulous platform is now available as a download for unlimited use. This license permits uploading the platform onto multiple PCs or multiple locations on your company network within a single registered business entity. Buying this license will allow multiple games to run concurrently within the same business entity.

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