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What languages are your games available in?

Currently the game platform is available in English, French, Spanish and German. Additional languages are planned and should be available in early 2022

Can you save progress?

Yes. individual games can be saved at any point during play. Games can then be optionally started where you finished off in the previous session. Progress will be saved even if PCs are turned off.

Where can I download your games?

Games are immediately available for download from this website on receipt of payment.

Can I share my progress with others or check on other's progress?

Yes, there is a 'Screenshot' function which saves an image of your gameboard as a jpeg file onto your desktop. This can then be shared via email or other sharing media.

Can you play again?

Yes, when you have finished a game, you can start a new one. This could be when you are using the game platform across a number of departments or locations. However, you can start a fresh game at any time. When a game is started it always defaults to a new gameboard. You can either re-start where you left off, or start afresh.

Can I copy the game platform?

Yes, where you have purchased the multi-user version, then within your license agreement you can copy the files onto other PCs or network locations, within your business entity, as many times as you wish. Where you have purchased the single user version, then this is a single upload only and cannot be copied.

Are user instructions provided?

Yes, full instructions are provided within the downloaded zip file in the language of the selected product. These instructions include some great ideas and suggestions on how to play the game. Group games, team games, time limited games are just some of the ideas.

Are other payment methods available?

Card payments allow immediate download and are therefore preferred. However, if you don't have this option we can accept a purchase order and we will issue an invoice. On receipt of payment, we will advise you of download instructions. Call +44 1926 403377 for details.

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